Summer project.

Yesterday must have been bizzaro day because we were the excited ones getting the eggs.
These eggs are our family’s summer project.We already have an incubator set up and within 20 days the chicks will peck their way out, and become fine upstanding eggs laying hens.

We got these eleven eggs from a local farm, and these little guys are going to be Anerucouas. We’ve gone the whole nine yards, we borrowed an incubator and we are practicing candling.
Candling is when you hold a light to the eggs and peer through the shell to see the develpment of the chickens. It’s like the farmer’s ultrasounds.

The baby's new crib

I have always found it fascinating how much energy is stored inside one egg. Not only is there all the ingredients to make a chick included, but it also all the energy to make the chicken is included in there too. From being the oldest sibling, and taking Child Development classes, i know much much energy it takes to grow a baby. An to think that energy is in the egg, and it doesn’t need any external food delivered to the fetus, it is amazing.




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