How long can you keep an Egg?

To all the readers of my mother’s blog, sorry for spoiling the fact that our eggs arrived before my mom could announce it on her website. Oops.

One question that people always ask me when I tell them that we receive more than a dozen eggs a day is, “How do you keep them all refrigerated?” To that I always reply “We don’t” followed by many dumbfounded looks.

What people don’t realize is that when a chicken lays an egg, the egg is coated with a Bioflim that places the egg in suspension. That allows the hen to lay multiple eggs over a course of a week or two, before starting to hatch them.

Our family uses this Biofilm to our advantage, if the eggs aren’t washed they don’t go bad for a long time. On our table we have two baskets filled with eggs still covered in the film waiting for us to wash them and give them away.

Not an uncommon site in our house

If you want these eggs to be washed and be placed in a loving person’s refrigerator. There’s a donate button on the right for you to sponsor a dozen eggs for someone else.



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