This is the post where I become the best big brother of all time FOREVER.

My brother graduated form High school last week, and as tradition it was time to invite friends and family to his graduation party. As family friends gave him cash, gifts, and advice for college, I wanted to give in a truly amazing gift.

I remembered how mom got our Governor to personally write to me and congratulate me for finishing  my senior year of high school. So I took a leaf out of her book and contacted the people at Uber entertainment, who has worked with my brother before hand. (The story’s too long to write, but you can read all about it on my mom’s blog here )

I asked them if they could put together a little something to give to him for his college life and they replied immediately, after some exchanging of some emails we finalized the information and they shipped the package to our house. When the mail came that day, and saw what was inside the box Uber entertainment sent us, we were all shocked. I was expecting a piece of paper, with a letter written by the staff. We got so much more.

A hand drawn, autographed, painting of my brother riding Chickey Cantor.


"Crying tears of Awesomeness"


A hug for his big brother.


Hope you have a great time at college.


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