EGGcellent artwork

This week, I am away at a political summer camp acting as one of the supervisor, making sure that the bright minds of the future doesn’t get *too* much into trouble. The schedule is too  jammed packed of learning about the state, forming our own government and meeting important people. So you can imagine that it is very difficult to write a full blog post for my readers. Luckily enough I was able to squeeze a few minutes into my day to search the web for some pieces of art that involve eggs in one way or the other.

my mom always said that you should use EVERY part of your food.

Its like a geeky Easter egg hunt!

this is what my family would call "Dart". Its obscure art that we don't get and we don't understand why someone would make it.

and the most beautiful piece of egg art is…

Ta Dah!

this was a picture of our family’s first egg!

As the first egg, my mom wanted to treat it the best way possible (like any new mother…of eggs) so we placed it on our egg on an egg holder from the Royal English Silver ware and tableware for all the Internet to see.

Hope this binds you over with your egg related needs, you can catch up on my summer camp actives next blog post. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter (@Snozell) and hope you have an EGGcellent day.

P.S I promise I will never use that pun ever again.


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