Boys State, One week of everything you need to know about State Government

As I mentioned in my last post, I am a supervisor to the New Hampshire Boys State. The whole ordeal is a non-profit program by the American Legion to bring High School students into a hands-on crash course about how the state government is structured, and how it works in New Hampshire. While at Boys State the students are assigned to either one of two towns or a city and for the week, the towns live and work together. These students are also assigned to a political party, where they have to find what the group stands for, who should be the party leader, and who should the person that the party supports for the governor. But the week is not just people forming mock government The American Legion contacts important state officials and ask them to visit, and give a small talk about what they do and why they are so important.

Each town gets the opportunity to name themselves, and assign a town symbol. My group thought the image of a Puffin fighting a turtle would be “B.A”



Tomorrow’s congress


As a supervisor, we don’t participate in any of the student-run events, we just watch from a far, making sure that everything is going as planned. The longer we’ve gotten into the week we advanced more and more into their government and sleep deprivation we see the government grow from a group of people from all over the state who never met each other before.

The reason why we haven’t crashed and burned after the third day.


But this is a blog about eggs, so we have to tie the whole ordeal back to chicken eggs.

While I was here, sitting and listening to important statewide people and discussing with people about the different types of government structure. I had an Epiphany: government, in it’s pure form is like an egg. Sure sometimes it’s covered with shit (there’s only one hole in a chicken). but it is good on the inside. On the inside, the government can be prepared in many different ways, depending on how people would like it. You could make a nice French semi-presidential system Souffle. Or a British parliamentary eggs Benedict government. And you could make an American Bacon, Doughnut Egg Burger which has the best of everything, but at some times be terribly reckless.

Yes, this thing does existent.



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