This is not going to be a mushy goodbye post.

The week’s finished, all the Boy’s State’s officials have brought their written bills to their peers and the Senate and House of Reps that have voted and amended each and everyone of them. The Elected Governor has casted he’s final vote. We have the tradition at NH Boys State, laws that have been approved by all parties will be sent to our State Representatives. of the writer with a letter from Boys State, asking both of them to seriously look at the bill.

I had a fantastic time returning to boys state, and see how the program function from the perspective of the Supervisor. While we were downstairs discussing the next day plans, while the rest of Boys State were above us, in their hallways debating about the issues and campaigning with other students.

I saw these students who came here on Sunday with no idea what they were getting into and some of theme did not care to be there, but when Friday rolled around I saw them fall in love withe the government and the state. Those few who were apathetic about the program found it had to say goodbye to it and the friendships that they made there in those few days.
I wanted to write this post, without using the “chickens leaving the nest” because it isn’t true. (I also didn’t want to it because my mom have coined that post, twice) These students are not grown up leaving their homes, in fact I would argue that the people at boys states are eggs, and while there were here, they broke out of their shells.

"whoa! It's so much bigger than I realized"

They realized that there is a whole new world out there that they didn’t know of, and can now explore. So I would like to wish all of them the best of luck, and hope that they don’t forget the time they had here.



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  1. diane foss

    This is a nice post Spencer. I am glad you were a staff person this time.


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