A few weeks ago I heard a rumor on the Internet that the creators of the wildly popular smart phone game, Angry Birds, which people are saying is the new Super Mario game,  was coming out with a cookbook that deals mostly eggs recipes. As I said on Twitter, #thisisanawesomeidea. I’m really happy for them for two reasons.

Firstly I’m ex- i mean-eggcited to show this to my mom who loves cookbooks, and I look forward to trying make some of these dishes myself, even though I can’t stand the taste or texture of eggs. (and yes I am aware of the irony).

on second thought....

I’m also happy to see that video games are able to transcend medias and do it so well, well enough to get the majority of the demographics who plays the game. Other games have done this too, Halo World of Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons, all popular games tried to go beyond the video games media, with books, comics, trading card games and even television shows, but none really caught on.

Even the main charters looked like nerds

I think that in the gaming world, people who play the card games or read the books are the ones that are hardcore gamers or dedicated to the game. The Angry Birds franchise is not producing books with plots and back stories on the characters (their birds that are angry, that’s you need to know.) but they are selling flipflops and celebration cards which is more appealing to their player base. This creates a new market for the gaming world, making clothes and assories to sell rather than the novels, it will be interesting how angry birds will affect the market.

Those are some angry shoes

Next post i’ll talk about our new chicks I swear.





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