Chicken Update.

Wednesday I posted that our new chicks where beginning to hatch, and we now have tennew chicks in the nursery, but all didn’t hatch as smoothly as expected  We have a miraculous story a one of them, as Thursday came around all of them pecked their way out of their shells, except one. When we started this egg hatching experiment we accepted the fact that all of them might not make it. But we heard peeping coming from the uncraked eggs, so we knew she was alive. So in an impromptu plan our family decided that we should try to help this chicken out a little, We cracked the egg and rescues her. We had to keep her in the incubator a tad longer than her siblings, and at times it looked like she wasn’t going to make it.

But she was able to pull through and she is now on track to grow up with the rest of her sibling, and we couldn’t be happier.

Yay! (she's the one in the middle)

*Sidenote: At this time we actually don’t know the sex of these chickens yet, but for all intent and purposes I will continue refer to them as females.

In unrelated news our family got a pet bunny!

Now we are one pig and two goats away form being legally a farm!



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