FAQ of a family that owns chickens

Every time I tell people that my family raises chickens I get asked these certain questions, so this post is dedicated to answering those questions. So next time someone asks, I’ll just reply “Just read it on my blog”.

*Do you eat your chickens
No, we raised them as pets, and it would probably be traumatize us if we were served a plate full of Zelda

Zelda's just too lovable NOT to eat.

*Do roosters REALLY crow at  day  break?

Yes they do, and any other time of the day that they deem fit. They also crow when neighors are irrtaed by rooster crows.


*Who’s your favorite chicken?

The prized chicken in our flock.

*who’s your favorite chick?

I love that one, no.... That one!....NO No i love THAT one more....no wait.....


*Have you seen that episode of Dirty Jobs where he goes to a chicken farm as a Chick sexer?
No, it seems that fate / T.V listings will not allow us to watch that one episode where he goes on a chicken farm.


*What got you guys into raising chickens?
My mom is crazy


*How crazy?

Too crazy to type it all down.


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By: TwitterButtons.com

By TwitterButtons.com



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One response to “FAQ of a family that owns chickens

  1. Hmmm, crazy eh? Maw -hahhahahhahhahahhaaa!

    Could be worse, your mom could have been a zombie.

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