Some like it HOT, most don’t

So the east coast was greeted by a heat wave these past two days.

You know the expression, “hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk”? I was planning today to see if that works, until my mom caught wind of it.

here where the picture would be...

My mother has always been against the idea of wasting an egg just for an experiment or a gag because, “ if you knew the about of energy that these chickens put into making an egg every day and a half, you would have respect for the egg too.”

So thinking of that, I searched out on the web for some alternative, more respectful, uses of eggs. And wow, there are a lot of them so I compiled a list of them, just for you guys!

Egg Glue:
Apparently the egg whites works as a great adhesive, people out there on the web say it’s great of paper and cardboard. Although I’m still sticking (get it?) to the store bought stuff.

chickens are the new horses.

If you have plants, water them with the leftover water from your boiled eggs.

When you boil an egg, the left over water hold many vitamins and nutritional substances that you can feed to your plants.

Eggplant anyone?

But the oddest one I found was one to make your coffee better, if you mix some crushed egg shells into the coffee before brewing it, it makes the drink more smoother.

I don’t drink coffee, so you, the readers, will have you go out and test this one for me. See if you notice more smoothness in your next cup, or if you just catches salmonella from it.

Nope, nope nope. This one just seems wrong.

Want to know why I do this? Click here!




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One response to “Some like it HOT, most don’t

  1. Gina Rosati

    Once when it was in the high 90’s, I tried to fry an egg on the driveway … it just made a mess 😦

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