Spot light on our new pet

In celebration of the break in the heat wave that hit the east coast the last few days, I  decided to take a break from writing about the chickens and focus on a pet I mentioned very briefly a few posts ago, our bunny, Vivian.

We got her a last week because my sisters wanted one and mom had no objections. She’s a dwarf bunny and she going to say about this size, growing up to three pounds.

D'awwww so cute

She is also the most adorablist thing I have ever seen.

Vivian been by herself mostly but we want to try to get her to interact with the chickens and hopefully the dogs.    Today we let her interact with the flock, and she reacted the same way if you saw a giant bird twice your size.

What's not shown is that Vivian running away from the chicken

so i guess that makes her a chicken Bunny!

Want to know why I do this? Click here!




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One response to “Spot light on our new pet

  1. Gina Rosati

    Bunny!!!! I’m coming over asap!

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