About 12 Eggs for a Dishwasher

For the last four years we have been without a dishwasher. My mom says that with 6 kids in the house:

A) we don’t have the funds for a dishwasher and

B) 6 kids are 6 dishwashers so why do we need a new one?

We raise chickens and give away tons of eggs. I tell my mom that if she charges for the eggs we’d have enough money to buy a dishwasher but she refuses.

“If others can use our eggs then we’re going to give them eggs” she says (again and again).

Please help my mom get a dishwasher. For every donation to Paypal for a new dishwasher, you’ll be sponsoring a dozen eggs that will be given away locally to someone who needs them. (I’ll send you a photo of your dozen eggs).

You won’t get to eat the eggs but you’ll know that your contribution helped someone who could use some eggs get them, and you’ll receive a lovely .jpg photo of your sponsored eggs suitable for framing.

And I’ll tweet that you’ve donated.

Such a deal.

What do you say? Want to sponsor a dozen eggs for someone else, get my mom a dishwasher, and feel good about doing a nice thing?



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